Lyrics to Jesus The One And Only
by Babbie Mason

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[edit]Song titleJesus The One And Only
[edit]Artist nameBabbie Mason
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Who was born Son of God yet Son of Man
Who laid down His life and rose to live again
Who rides the clouds of glory
Whose kingdom never ends
There is no other name

Jesus the one and only
Faithful, true and holy
he's the Son of righteousness
Worthy of the glory
Jesus Christ, the one and only

Let every voice in earth and heaven offer praise
Find more similar lyrics on every heart become His holy hiding place
Let every knee bow down
And every tongue confess the name
Of Jehovah's only Son, the risen One

All hail the power of Jesus name
(Jesus the one and only)
Let angels prostrate fall
(Faithful, true and holy - he's the Son
Bring forth the royal diadem
(Of righteousness, worthy of the glory)
And crown Him Lord of all
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Lyrics to Jesus The One And Only
by Babbie Mason

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