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Don't Stop by Baby Bash

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[edit]Song titleDon't Stop
[edit]Artist nameBaby Bash
[edit]FeaturingKeith Sweat
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Chorus: Keith Sweat
Baby, it don't stop
And it won't quit
And I can't stop
Until you put your body on me
Don't stop
And it won't quit
And I can't stop
Until you put your body on me

Pre-Verse: Baby Bash
Now the game don't stop when I operate
And hell yeah, I got you on my mind
We gon' swang, we gon' bang, we gon' dip and scrape
Blow the brain, so cut the sunshine

Baby Bash
We In Motion'
Cruisin' and coastin'
Laughin' and jokin'
Girl, what, I'm smokin'
Volvo's open
Ash tray's pokin'
Out on the po's, but I still keep yokin'
Blowin' by them haters who be constantly hopin'
That one day, that ya boy go broken
But, never that, though, never, not I
That's what I need a top-notch in my life

Repeat Chorus

Baby Bash
Me and my money go together like menudo and lemon
Tell me where I got the most beautiful women
I tour around, in a bus, with the studio in it
I'm a
Boss chief, and you my chief liuetenant
Go Bash
Runnin' the lanes like Steve Nash
Tint glass
All in my candy chrome whip
I smash
Dippin' through traffic, cause I'm about
My pay
Shoot to the Chi and Hollywood
Find more similar lyrics on lights, and the Hollywood
Put it in your life, girl, tell me how it
To boss that body on a ice cold
Girl, you lookin' so sexy

Repeat Chorus

Keith Sweat
I be loving you, girl (Loving you)
Touching you, girl (Touching you)
Holding you, girl (Holding you)
I be loving you, girl (Loving you)
Touching you, girl (Touching you)
Holding you, girl (Holding you, baby)

Bridge: Keith Sweat
You be my wifey (You be my wifey)
My girlfriend (My girlfriend)
My baby boo (My baby boo)
I got you (Got you)
You never have to walk from nobody
Help you push it up on your body
Make you scream my name

Hook: Baby Bash
This is how we do it, wanna keep on rollin'
Twice Last Night, hit it once, this mornin'
This is how we do it, wanna keep on rollin'
Hit it Twice Last Night, hit it once, this mornin'

Repeat Chorus

Keith Sweat
Tell me what it is, girl, that you like
I know it (I know, girl)
I got you Twisted, I know, girl
Come on, girl, let's spend the night, oh
Baby Bash
Keith Sweat
Felli Fel
Mmm, yeah
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Don't Stop by Baby Bash

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