Lyrics to I Love you Babe
by Babyface

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[edit]Song titleI Love you Babe
[edit]Artist nameBabyface
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Love never came between us
For love was too deep in our hearts
It's the silly things
we do between us
That managed to tear us apart
But oh I believe if we work real hard
We can get through,
through it this time
Girl just trust me and
I will trust you
There'll be nothing that we
can't get through

I love you, babe
In the scariest way
I want you, babe
To stay with me
I love you, babe
Though I'm hurtin' to say
I want you, babe
To stay with me
I love you, babe
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I want you, babe
To stay with me
I love you, babe
Though I'm hurtin' to say
I want you, babe
To stay with me

Trust never came between us
And that's just the way that we are
It's the crazy things
we do between us
That managed to break both our hearts
But oh I believe that we can survive
Through anything if we'd only try


HOOK 2 times

Baby, stay, won't you stay
Baby, stay, with me.....
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Lyrics to I Love you Babe
by Babyface

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