Lyrics to Love Should Brought you Home
by Babyface

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[edit]Song titleLove Should Brought you Home
[edit]Artist nameBabyface
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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written by Babyface,
Daryl Simmons, Bo Watson
performed by Toni Braxton

Should I even listen
Should I even try
Will I just be hearing
the same old lines
See it doesn't matter
What you say this time
'Cause our whole relationship
Is built on one lie

You say things aren't
the way they seem
But still you can't come
straight with me
How can you think that
you're in love
When you don't know the meaning of

Love shoulda brought you
Brought you
Home last night
You shoulda been with me
Shoulda been right by my side
If you cared anything for me
Then love woulda brought you
To me last night

Gotta hand it to you
You had me there for a while
I was so in love with you
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Now I smell the coffee
Boy, I got a wake up call
And it left the message
That you just don't care at all

You can't expect me to
Believe that she
doesn't mean anything
You say that you love only me
Your kinda lovin' my darling
I just don't need


Then you woulda been sincere
And I wouldn't be in tears
And love woulda brought you
To me last night

Oh baby why
Why do men think that love's
just for the moment
Not over time
Please tell me why
Why should I think that
You're gonna be sincere
Are you deservin'
Don't blame me if
I just don't believe
I just don't believe
That you'll always be here

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Lyrics to Love Should Brought you Home
by Babyface

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