Lyrics to Wish u was my Girl
by Babyface

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[edit]Song titleWish u was my Girl
[edit]Artist nameBabyface
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wish U Was My Girl (Babyface,Jason Edmonds)

I don't wanna hear how wonderful he is
I don 't care if he is special
I don't want to know that shit
I don't care how much he loves you
Or how much he understands
I don't care if he's an angel
Don't give a damn about your man
I don't wanna be just friends
I don't want nobody else
I just want to have all to myself

Wish you was my girl
Wish you was my love
Wish you'd the one that I could ocunt on
When things get rough
Wish you'd be my sunshine on a cloudy day
Why can't we be the lovers
that were supposed to be
Wish you was my girl
Wish you was my love
Wish you'd be the one that I cloudy count on
When thing get rough
Wish you'd be my sunshine on a cloudy day
Why can't we be together
Find more similar lyrics on we're meant to be

I don't wanna hear about your arguments
Less you telling me its over
And you know you through with him
Don't wanna hear if thing were different
You would give your heart to me
Girl the only tjing that matters
Is the day that you gone leave
I don't wanna be just friends
I don't want nobody else
I just want to have you all to myself

I just can't take this I'm gonna
break if off with you
I feel so helpless cause I'm
so in love with you
Life is never simple,love
ain't no walk in the park
But how am I gonna end thing if
I never get to start


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Lyrics to Wish u was my Girl
by Babyface

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