Lyrics to Unmistakable
by Backstreet Boys

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[edit]Song titleUnmistakable
[edit]Artist nameBackstreet Boys
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Anytime, anywhere, any place
You could be anyone today
Maybe I will recognize you on a crowded street
Maybe you’ll take me by surprise
Will you be the one I had in mind?

There’ll come a day when you walk out of my dreams
Face to face, like I’m imagining
Baby, how can I be sure that you’re the one I’m waiting for?
Will you be unmistakable?

People say, I'm watching life through a glass
Desperately waiting on a chance
I know you’re out there holding on, holding out for me
But are we gonna know the time is right?
What if you’re here and I’m just blind?
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There’ll come a day when you walk out of my dreams
Face to face, like I’m imagining
Baby, how can I be sure that you’re the one I’m waiting for?
Will you be unmistakable?

How can I know a song I've never heard?
How will I know you for you swear you haven't said a word
How do I know how this will end before we begin
Before we begin

There'll come a day when you walk out of my dream
Face to face, like I'm imagining
Baby, how can I be sure that you're only the one I'm waiting for?
Will you be, will you be
Unmistakable, unmistakable?
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Lyrics to Unmistakable
by Backstreet Boys

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