Lyrics to I luv I jah
by Bad Brains

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[edit]Song titleI luv I jah
[edit]Artist nameBad Brains
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Walking down babylon lane. Trying to live my life
in peace. Two young men call me not their brother,
try to make me feel ashamed. But I luv I jah yeah,
he tell me not to be that way. I luv I jah, yeah,
I gotta keep my PMA. My lovely sister, judge me by
Find more similar lyrics on closthes, yeah. Only to learn to her mistake
not everyone's alike. We're not all a uptight. Ah
no fuss no fight. Cool that way, cool that way. I
luv I jah.
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Lyrics to I luv I jah
by Bad Brains

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