Lyrics to Television
by Bad Religion

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[edit]Song titleTelevision
[edit]Artist nameBad Religion
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh yeah, I want to bask in golden light
Submerge in electric waves
I need my connection to the world outside

Yeah, the world outside is buzzing like an angry wasp in summer
The candidates are running and the Son of God is coming
Crackle mental convolutions, tune into revolution
Now everyone's included so we never gonna be alone

Oh yeah, well may be don't rely
Submerge in electric waves
I need my injection to the world outside

Yeah, every atom in my body, blood, sinew, bone and fiber
Find more similar lyrics on can't distill you from my blood you're like a hungry germ inside of me
You're my lover, my heroine, my conscience and my voice
And I know that I have learned to let you in, I will never have to be alone

Oh yeah, well may be don't rely
Submerge in electric waves

I'd take after my mother but she's from a teenage generation
I prefer my big brother, he's so gentle and understanding
I learn what I can by the television light
But when I'm all alone I know it's gonna be alright

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Lyrics to Television
by Bad Religion

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