Lyrics to The Hippy Killers
by Bad Religion

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[edit]Song titleThe Hippy Killers
[edit]Artist nameBad Religion
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Our apocalypse 1981
Teenage vagrants looking for some fun
A renewed promise of prosperity
A vulgar platform for the world to see, we were

The hippy killers
The hippy killers
The hippy killers
The hippy killers

Busted refuse from broken homes
Pocked flesh and malicious bones
Creatures sustained by desire and soul
Nothing to leave and nowhere to go, we were

The hippy killers
The hippy killers
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The hippy killers

The hippy killers
The hippy killers
The hippy killers

Good days during horrible times
Overused bodies, neglected minds
Shoulder to shoulder we formed as one
The next miserable generation, we were

The hippy killers
The hippy killers
The hippy killers
The hippy killers
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Lyrics to The Hippy Killers
by Bad Religion

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