Lyrics to Drugs are no Phone
by Baken Beans

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[edit]Song titleDrugs are no Phone
[edit]Artist nameBaken Beans
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Drugs are no phone

These are the most senseless words
that you've ever read
and that you've ever heard
But imagine there are worse
things in our world
so try to find the way between good and bad

Vegetables, animals now for sale
no more mad butchers and
there's no one to blame
Find more similar lyrics on try to eat sausage without chips
and free all the breadcrumbs
from the chicken wings

And the only thing that counts
is that drugs are no phone

Everyday a friend of mine
is taking drugs and he feels fine
he doesn't care about the police
nevermind that's no disease
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Lyrics to Drugs are no Phone
by Baken Beans

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