Lyrics to Collision Course
by Ballistic

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[edit]Song titleCollision Course
[edit]Artist nameBallistic
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Converging with speed race to attack
Armies to converge
Rushing to the flash zone
Bombing of the black stone
Land lays scarred and burned
Darkest side of humanity

I lay scourage to the World, You shall die
I want a third world war

Cultures in the frey, no preachers left
To pray, demon exercize his role
The power and the violence, enter the front
Land lays scarred and burned
Destruction, all that matters

My body lays there, second side into the law
I wan't a third world war

I won't waste my breath
Asking for the suicidal day
There's nothing you can do,
never be seen again

To the front, with your lives
You will call suicide
With every step you may regret
Will take you back
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We will not stop, we will not fall
Crush your rebellion, once and for all
Respond, to desperate times
Respond, to your lies

There's a war of culture attack of religion
God himself, in the heaven that burns

Last time you'll see your world
See your children or home
The self mutilating detonation
We must exterminate in masses
Force them from our land, women, children
Blood of the priest is damned

Last time you'll see your world
See your children or home
I'll beat up the next hippie I see
Then I'll beat up you

A modern race riot - devastation of the earth

It was simple to avoid us, simple ti evade us
Couldn't leave us alone
Now you pay the price, your culture sacrificed
See what you have done
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Lyrics to Collision Course
by Ballistic

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