Lyrics to You Are Not me
by Bananarama

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[edit]Song titleYou Are Not me
[edit]Artist nameBananarama
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sleep to dream
I am free
Praying for them
Angels speak
can't quite hear
What they're saying

I'm so high above the clouds
Looking down on me
I would give you everything
If you could only see

But you are not me
You dream a different dream
But you are not me
It was never meant to be


? falling
Like the sun
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I'm so high above the clouds
Looking down on me
I would give you everything
If I thought that
you could see

(chorus x 2)

Im' like a flower,
I need to feel the
I need to feel the
love that wraps me
up and keeps me

Verse 1

chorus x 2
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Lyrics to You Are Not me
by Bananarama

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