Lyrics to Dark Sorceress
by Barathrum

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[edit]Song titleDark Sorceress
[edit]Artist nameBarathrum
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Castle stands on the islands of stone
It is surrounded by dark waters
Centuries on it's place
For centuries more it shall do the same

It's history so cruel
The fort was cursed by eerie doom
There's a witch enclosed into the wall
No one knows exact place where
There's a tree on the wall
More than thirty feel tall
It is said it's roots
Grew from the heart of sorceress
Every night she haunts
On the corridors of fort
Her restless soul
Wanders in those huge halls

Autumn long time ago
The colossal stone fort
Inside that dark walled castle
Beautiful young female dwelt

Dark Sorceress, Daughter of the castle lord
Dark Sorceress, Worshipper of the Ramford

Dark witch used black magic
Gestic magic in the war
In was against warriors
Wielders of the curved sabres
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Dark Sorceress, Daughter of the castle lord
Dark Sorceress, Worshipper of the Ramford

Another stormy night during
that autumn of fights
The enemy broke the gates and came
with their sharp blades
Sorceress casted the spell
to protect the castle
She performed her rite against
intruders with sabres

Sky turned to dark
The sorceress draw the mark
Mark of the Ramford in the air
Strongest thunderstorm was created
Lightnings everywhere
Electricity in the air
Lightning casted the shadows
Of the Ramford onto the wall
Enemy saw that shape
And because of that they escaped
The shadow of the Ramford
On the wall of black powered fort
(Behold) Dark Sorceress,
Daughter of the castle lord
(Hark) Dark Sorceress, Worshipper of
the Ramford...........!
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Lyrics to Dark Sorceress
by Barathrum

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