Lyrics to Medley (From Color me Barbra)
by Barbra Streisand

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[edit]Song titleMedley (From Color me Barbra)
[edit]Artist nameBarbra Streisand
Barbara Streisand
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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*Animal crackers in my soup, monkeys
and rabbits, look a loupe!
Gosh oh Gee, but I have fun
swallowing animals one by one
In every bowl of soup I see lions
and tigers watching me
I'll make 'em jump right through a hoop
'Cause animal crackers in my soup!
When I get hold of the big bad wolf
I just push him under to drown
Then I bite him in a millions bits
and I gabble him right down

*I love your funny face your sunny, funny face
Though you're no handsome Henry
Four words I'd not replace,
your sunny funny face...

*That face, that wonderful face
It shines, it glows all over the place
And how I love to watch it change expressions
Each look becomes the prize of my possession
I love your eyes, your cheeks, your hair
They're in a class beyond compare
It's the loveliest face that one could see...
Were thine that special face
Were thine the forms so live so splendor
Were thine the arms so warm so tender
Were thine the kiss divine

*I was serenely independent and
content before we met
Surely I can always be that way again, and yet
I've grown accustomed to the trace
of something in the air
Accustomed to the wonderful
fabulous marvelous glorious...

*Let's face the music and dance...

*You made the coat and vest fit the best
You made the linen nice and strong
But Sam, you made the pants too long
You made the big lapel look so oh swell
So who am I to say you're wrong?
But Sam, you made the pants too long!
They got the belt and they got suspenders
So what can they lose?
What good's a belt and what good's suspenders
When the pants are hanging over the shoes?
You feel the winter breeze up and down the knees
The belt is where the tie belongs
But Sam, Sam, Sam, you made the pants too long!

Find more similar lyrics on*Pussycat, pussycat, I love you, yes, I do
You and your pussycat...

*We have so much in common Yes I do
It's a phenomenon
We could pull our resources by joining forces
From now on...

*It's spring again
And birds on the wing again
Start to sing again that old melody

*I wanted the music to play on forever
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
I wanted the clown to be constantly clever
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
I brought me blue ribbons to tie up my hair
But I couldn't find anybody to care
The merry-go-round is beginning to slow now
Have I stayed too long at the fair?
There is nothing to win,
And there's no one to want me...

*Look at that face, just look at it
Look at that fabulous face of yours
I knew first look I took at it
This was the face that the world adores
Look at these eyes as wise and as deep as the sea
Look at that nose, it shows what a nose should be
As for ,your smile it's lyrical
Friendly and warm as the summer's day
Your face is just a miracle
Where could I ever find words to say
The way that it makes me happy
Whatever the time or place
I will find in no book
What I will find when I look at your face!

(*) Begins a new song:
(a)Animal Crackers In My Soup
(b) Funny Face
(c)That Face
(d)They Didn't Believe Me
(e)Were Thine That Special Face
(f)I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
(g)Let's Face The Music And Dance
(h)Sam, You've Made The Pants Too Long
(i)What's New Pussycat?
(j)Small World
(k)I Love You
(l)I Stayed Too Long At The Fair
(m)Look At That Face
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Lyrics to Medley (From Color me Barbra)
by Barbra Streisand

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