Lyrics to Oh My Lady
by Barry Manilow

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[edit]Song titleOh My Lady
[edit]Artist nameBarry Manilow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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First they told me that they loved me
Dressed me up in the light of gold
All they wanted was to know me
Gotta get me on before I get too old

Then they told me I was big time
Lots of favors of limousine
This might be what they told me it would be
But I'm not sure it's what I need
Not what I need

Now, won't you tell me
Oh my lady, where's my lady?
All this glory, where's my lady
To share it with me?
Oh, to share it with me

First they told me I could love you
Find more similar lyrics on then they told me never mind, never mind
Gotta keep those cards and letters flowing in, my friend
Gotta try and have a real good
Real good time, now wouldn't you tell me

Oh my lady, where's my lady?
All this glory, where's my lady
To share it with me?
Oh, to share it with me

Now, won't you tell me
Oh, where's my lady?
All this glory, where's my lady?
To share it with me
To share, to share it with me

Oh my lady
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Lyrics to Oh My Lady
by Barry Manilow

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