Lyrics to Bat's Mouth
by Bat For Lashes

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[edit]Song titleBat's Mouth
[edit]Artist nameBat For Lashes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The caves of our mouths are forest darkness
And the air in between is overflowing
And the rushing wolverine flies past his shiny, shiny teeth
And she is kind, he is free, full of knowing

She is sure
She is sure

The caves of our mouths are bear's bellies
And the air in between is spewing comets
And the dancing centaur queen flies past her tiny, tiny teeth
He is kind, she is free and wants to show him

She is sure
She is sure
She is sure
She is sure

Find him in the bat's mouth
Find more similar lyrics on is singing in her bat's mouth
He is shaking and dancing in her bat mouth
Getting tired and sleepy in her bat mouth

And she’s holding him tight in her bat arms
She is wrapping him up in her bat arms
And she's thanking her mother sea
Thank you, mother sea, for letting him see the sea in me

She is sure
She is sure
She is sure
She is sure

She is sure
She is sure
She is sure
She is sure
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Lyrics to Bat's Mouth
by Bat For Lashes

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