Lyrics to Shores in Flames
by Bathory

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[edit]Song titleShores in Flames
[edit]Artist nameBathory
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mother winter leaves our land
And opens wide the seas
The lukewarm breeze does beckon me
As it whispers through the trees

It says: Set your sails
And let me take your ship to foreign shores
Take farewell of those near you
And your land of the North!

The wild cold deep black ocean's waves
Invites my hungry heart
Cry not my love I'll return
Only death can keep us apart

Oden in the sky up high
Let the Ravens of yours fly
To guide us on our sail to foreign shores
Let your Ravens fly

The wind blows through my hair
fills our sails with hope and pride
Caress these lines of Oak, wind
Do not throw us all aside

The wild cold deep black ocean's waves
As wide as sky above
Carry us, oh, Gods of sea
Don't take us down below

Now approach the shore at dawn
All is still the light of
daybreak is yet to be born
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The city's walls rise before
us men from the seas

Carrying cold steel at our sides
No time to lose at sunbirth we
attack the city by surprise
Down the coastlines with the wind we reign
Men of the North we leave
the shores I flames

Shores in Flames

Tor of thunder way up high
Swing your Hammer that cracks the sky
Send the wind to fill our
sails and take us home
Guide your sons, us, home

When the wind cries out my name
And time has come for me to die
Then wrap me in my cape
And lay my sword down at my side

Then place me on a ship of Oak
And let it drift with tide
Let the flames purify my soul
On its way to hall up high

Up high
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Lyrics to Shores in Flames
by Bathory

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