Lyrics to Control of own Hole
by Bathtub Shitter

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[edit]Song titleControl of own Hole
[edit]Artist nameBathtub Shitter
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Harmful Shits, Pain Of Belly
Is It For The Earth Or Own Ego ?
What Can You Born?

Desideratum Or Disappointment
Don't Forget Shitting On
Unkown Distance
For Next Generation

In Given Life, Put For Dying
Is It For Money Or Harmony ?
Foolish Production

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To Keep The Control Of Own Hole
In A Garden Of Litter
In A Burden Of Life

Defecation Or Disposable Marker
Why Don't You Are
That Act Will Be Distress
Of Your Descendant

Persist Poor Shit

Control Of Own Hole
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Lyrics to Control of own Hole
by Bathtub Shitter

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