Lyrics to See you
by Bavu Blakes

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[edit]Song titleSee you
[edit]Artist nameBavu Blakes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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* (chorus)
I was hoping I could see you again
At the same time
same place
same everything
When I'm with you I don't need anything

You know my best interests by heart
raised me to be smart
taught at my first school
Kinda strict with the rules
every blue moon we fought
but you were always cool
Solid support from the start
showed me to do what I ought
and played a primary part
In my life and you still do
and I know you will do
whatever to love me
To take care of me
to guide me
provide me with what I need kindly
Miles away, still beside me
talking through telepathy
walking the earth, separately
It's hectic, believe me
but I'm always needy
but you're willing to feed me
And make it seem easy
like I don't know it's not
what a job you got
Gave me breast milk through red beans
made sure I kept my room clean
now I'm hardly seen


Raised me and my sisters
actually put up with us
through every Kwanzaa and
However many years it is when
this reaches your ears
studied our ideas, and interests
then kept us in books
arts or sports pretty
much all semesters
Always a solid reason for
any time you left us
Find more similar lyrics on your belt whelped us
To show you're not our playmate
encouraged us to create
not everyone can relate
Your contribution's so great
can I see you at my show date
this invitation won't wait
Realize I won't be here forever
that's how life is
we'll always be together
'Cause you get where you wanna go
you yourself told me so
which makes it better
Hope I pass before you pass
'cause you're stronger than I'm strong
but I'll see you before long


Almost a year
carried me with you
got married two weeks before the finale
Helped raise your family
on a Baton Rouge 'hood
after your mama went to judgment
Gave us more don'ts than do's
and if we got confused
your actions allowed us to see it
Your beauty secret
stay away from drugs and booze
left it on us to choose
What beauty was
being strong or being buzzed
you saw a lot of things in us
We didn't see in ourselves
wouldn't have known otherwise
mother who molded our lives
So unbelievably wise
I feel so young in your eyes
where a lot of my soul lies
When you're in your own house
payin' your own bills
then you grown for real
What you said I'm livin' that now
hardly get to go back
how I miss how it feels

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Lyrics to See you
by Bavu Blakes

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