Lyrics to Get out of Here
by B.B. King

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[edit]Song titleGet out of Here
[edit]Artist nameB.B. King
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here is somethin' baby, I want you to do
I ain't barrin' nobody baby, I mean you and your lyin' friends too
Don't cry baby, don't even spill a tear
Yes, you just pack your clothes baby,
baby and get on outta here

I gave you a chance and that you know,
you got greedy and thirsty baby and you spent more and more
There's no need cryin' baby, don't even spill a tear,
you just pack your clothes baby, baby and get on outta here
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You and your friends you say you had fun,
you went every place woman, that you wanted to go
And when I tried to talk to you baby,
you didn't listen to a word I say
And now baby you must be crazier, that juice has gone to your head
Ain't no need of cryin' woman, baby, don't even spill a tear
You just pack your clothes baby,
I mean and get on outta here
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Lyrics to Get out of Here
by B.B. King

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