Lyrics to Hey Fuck you
by Beastie Boys

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[edit]Song titleHey Fuck you
[edit]Artist nameBeastie Boys
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Which of you schnooks took my rhyme book?
Look give it back, you're wicky wack
With your ticky tack calls, didn't touch you at all
I didn't touch your hand man, you know its all ball

You sold a few records, but don't get slick
'Cause you used a corked bat to get those hits
You've been in the game, your career is long
But when you break it down, you've only got two songs

MC's are like clay pigeons and I'm shootin' skeet
I just yell pull and MMM drops the beat
You people call yourselves MC's, but you're garbage men
Takin' out the trash when you pull out the pen

And if you don't like then hey fuck you!

Come on in, now I read about you up on page six
They was trashin' your ass, it's sad you're getting dissed
Now talk about your face, now don't get pissed
But I suggest you see a dermatologist

I keep that hot sauce hot, not mild and weak
It's gonna burn your mouth until you wet your beak
I've got billions and billions of rhymes to flex
'Cause I've got more rhymes, than Carl Sagan's got turtlenecks

Your rhymes are fake like a Canal Street watch
You're hearing me and you're like "Oh my god its Sasquatch!"
I'm walkin' on water, while you're stepping in shit
So put your sewer boots on before your ass gets lit
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And if you don't like then hey fuck you!

So put a quarter in your ass, 'cause you played yourself
So put a quarter in your ass, 'cause you played yourself
So put a quarter in your ass, 'cause you played yourself
So put a quarter in your ass, 'cause you played yourself

And if you don't like then hey fuck you!

Sucker MC's it's me they're resenting
In the animal kingdom they call it presenting
With the dipsy doodle the kit and caboodle
The truth is brutal your grandma's kugel

Kings County is my stomping ground
The Albee Square Mall, Brooklyn, Downtown
So don't ask me to wine and dine ya
I'm from Brooklyn you're from Regina

You're like Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam
You're just yellin' and wildin' wondering who I am?
With those lies you're telling you look like Toucan Sam
But my style's impregnable like the Hoover Dam

And if you don't like then hey fuck you!

And if you don't like then hey fuck you!

What a looser
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Lyrics to Hey Fuck you
by Beastie Boys

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