Lyrics to Mike on the mic
by Beastie Boys

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[edit]Song titleMike on the mic
[edit]Artist nameBeastie Boys
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I met this girl last night with a peculiar cackle
I laid the bait and then she took the tackle Had
too much to drink at the Red Lobster Now the room
is spinning around like the blades of a helicopter
I never met a girl that was too finicky If the
press has their way then they're going to finish
me You might know this but you've never been this
see If I ate spinach then I'd be called Spinach D
Find more similar lyrics on shed light like cats shed fur Ride around town
like Raymond Burr I'm so high that they call me
Your Highness If you don't know me then pardon my
shyness I live in the Village wherever I go I walk
to Keepin' my friends around so I have someone to
talk to I play my music loud because you know it's
got clout to it It's a trip it's got a funky beat
and I can bug out to it
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Lyrics to Mike on the mic
by Beastie Boys

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