Lyrics to Straight in at 37
by Beautiful South

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[edit]Song titleStraight in at 37
[edit]Artist nameBeautiful South
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Why don't you sing 'I need you baby'?
'Cause it rhymes with crazy and it rhymes with maybe
It rhymes with lady and much, much more
And it doesn't rhyme with the 'F' word

Well, Simon le Bon stayed 'round my house before
And he was sick on the plants and he was sick on the floor
And he wouldn't go home until he'd sung his song
With a backing harmony from Paul Young

Shall we dance again?
In our special way
With our trousers 'round
Our knees, our knees

Why don't your videos have dancing girls?
With hips that curve and lips that curl
Legs are where that heartbeat starts
It's low in neckline and high in charts

It's the partially clothed for the partially sighted
Behind over matter keeps the crowds delighted
We want Rambo in a ra-ra skirt
And Nastassja Kinski in a Brazilian shirt

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In our special way
With our trousers 'round
Our knees, our knees


Shall we, shall we dance again?
In our special way
With our trousers 'round
Our knees, our knees

Shall we dance again?
In our special way
With our trousers 'round
Our knees, our knees

Our knees, our knees
Our knees, our knees
Our knees

Come on
Come on
Come on
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Lyrics to Straight in at 37
by Beautiful South

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