Lyrics to .000.000
by Beck

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[edit]Song title.000.000
[edit]Artist nameBeck
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've seen your place before,
I've tread thid field ???
I bought a plastic light, my
separate ceiling blade
my city to the scope, my ???? spokes
my ????
but she'll never never know
my ?? has a ???

I come from lots of????
my very modest tricks
my pricks and belly rose (?)
my operation blows
Find more similar lyrics on big pollution grows
I never spoke of flood
my ?????

(AAARRGGHH!!! Okay, I give
up for now; this may not
be right, but at least I
I'm sure it will all come
to me in a dream one
night with
a man on a flaming pie
clearly spouting the words
to this
song. I'll get back with you.....Deborah)
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Lyrics to .000.000
by Beck

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