Lyrics to Milk & Honey
by Beck

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[edit]Song titleMilk & Honey
[edit]Artist nameBeck
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't take your red ribbons off
You're about to make a fool of yourself
In the aluminum sunset
Drinkin' from a drain
I'm a hundred miles behind myself

Milk and honey
Pourin' down like money
Make a poor boy wanna run
Milk and honey
Do you wanna love me?
Under the aluminum sun

Did you hear those war torn stories
Where the lifeguards slept in the streets
In the jungle lands
With the cold Cola cans
You'll get the keys to the city for free

Milk and honey
Pourin' down like money
Bring a poor boy to his knees
Milk and honey
No, it isn't funny
Livin' in a garden of sleaze

(Black can spell to be day in the club tonight
Excuse me please
Could you tell me how to get to the Soviet embassy?)

Bangkok athletes in the biosphere
Arkansas wet dreams
Find more similar lyrics on all disappear
Kremlin mistress
(Milk, milk, honey)
Ring the Buddha chimes
She slip me ruffies
(Milk, milk, honey)
Receding hairlines

She's all right, touchin' my body
She's all right, on my computer
She's all right, sellin' me watches
(Milk, milk, honey)
She's all right, ring on my finger
(Milk, milk, honey)

Milk and honey
Pourin' down like money
Bring a poor boy to his knees
Milk and honey
No, it isn't funny
Livin' in a garden of sleaze

Milk and, milk and
Do you wanna, honey
Milk and honey
(Is she romantic?)

Milk, milk, honey
Milk, milk, honey
Milk, milk, honey
Milk, milk, honey
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Lyrics to Milk & Honey
by Beck

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