Lyrics to Blinded by Abnormality
by Behind the Scenery

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[edit]Song titleBlinded by Abnormality
[edit]Artist nameBehind the Scenery
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A creature possessed by brutality and lust
Crawls out from the dusk
The dusk of insanity, emotionless
He searches for a cruel way to satisfy
His burning desire
Afraid to feel - lead by his inability
Afraid to feel - blinded by his abnormity
They grow up in a web of distrust
The child inside will cry...
Innocence is lost forever
Their souls will suffer day by day
He's lurking in the shadows
Imaginary voices in his head
Awake the greed to abuse our future
Find more similar lyrics on his psychotic eyes a life withers
Like a flower in a cold autumn wind
And the cold autumn wind blows away
The trust in humanity
The imploring and bleeding soul glows out
Like a shooting star in a hostile atmosphere
The child escapes from within
Escapes from reality, a child terrified
By the cruelty in his eyes
Raped by a disease of society
They closed the doors to their world of dreams
And drift in a sea of traumatic memories
...And tears
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Lyrics to Blinded by Abnormality
by Behind the Scenery

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