Lyrics to Sun
by Bel Canto

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[edit]Song titleSun
[edit]Artist nameBel Canto
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Even if I am tempted I won´t apologize
to you. Those torn-out pages in my agenda are a
few too many. I´ve started to count
backwards and now I´m almost halfway
through, but I fear that I never will get to zero.
So, now I say «Oh, won't the sun rise
over me». All I say is; «Oh,
won´t the sun...». Even if I
am tempted, I won´t apologize to you.
You´ve got some tender arms to enfold
you and still you´re spiteful. My soul
is far from redemption, I must submit to what
I´ve done and it´s to late for
me now to beg for mercy. In that moment when I
Find more similar lyrics on, long before my heart decides to, Will I be
whiped-out, erased? No, you will never see me
surrender, I´m gonna keep my head held
high and I know now in whom I can trust; nobody.
So, now I say; «Oh, won´t the
sun rise over me». All I say is;
«Oh, won´t the
sun...» All i´m saying is;
«Oh, won´t the sun rise just
for me». All I´m begging is...
It got visual, didn´t it? It gets
visible, well doesn´t it? It gets much
too much, doesn´t it? And, so it has to
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Lyrics to Sun
by Bel Canto

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