Lyrics to Dimentia
by Believer

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[edit]Song titleDimentia
[edit]Artist nameBeliever
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I. Reason argues the existence of God.
If the incarnate was crucifed,
the dialectical paradox concludes,
that God has already died. 1

II. The very nature of man's independence,
implies accountability for one's actions 2
My decision to be free or not to be,
reveals the magnitude of my freedom. 3

Where is the wise man,
scholar of this age?
Their dementia calls,
from their dimension

III. Freud argued that God is but mere illusion,
our need for some cosmic comforter,
to resolve our deepest childhood neurosis,
a belief based wholly on an unfulfilled wish. 4

IV. Or is this world a random orccurrence,
a chance reshuffling of matter?
Find more similar lyrics on in motion in a corner of the universe,
the origin of life and evolution an accident? 5

Where is the wise man,
scholar of this age?
Their dementia calls,
leading men to the grave.
Where is the wise man,
scholar of thes age?
Their dementia calls,
from their dimension

I Cor. 1:19-20

1 Thomas Altizer - "The Gospel
of Christian Atheism"
2 Jean-Paul Sarte - "Being and Nothingness"
3 Ludwig Feuerbach - "Essence of Christianity"
4 Sigmund Freud - "Future Of An Illusion"
5 David Hume - "Dialogues
Concerning Natural Religion"
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Lyrics to Dimentia
by Believer

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