Lyrics to Louise
by Bell Book and Candle

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[edit]Song titleLouise
[edit]Artist nameBell Book and Candle
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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fell in love were just children she was born
blind that`s how the story goes she was the
one he`d gave his live away the promise was
till death us do oh part

Louise – my love you are so young I`ll always
love you oh with all my heart Louise – beloved
where do you run don`t worry I will keep you
from the harm

time passed by suddenly there was a ray of
light behind these empty eyes morning comes a
new beginning and in despair he killed her

Find more similar lyrics on – beloved what have you done but
though the curtain falls we`ll never be apart
Louise – no rose without a thorn you`ll never
walk on pieces of my broken heart Louise – my
love you were so young I`ve always loved you
oh with all my heart Louise – there was no other
way the die is cast you finally belong to me

grief and despair

befor leaving lying there so sweet unfaithful
eyes just closed Louise – calm down and go to
sleep I´m gonna save you from the time to
come – you`re home
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Lyrics to Louise
by Bell Book and Candle

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