Lyrics to Still
by Bella Morte

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[edit]Song titleStill
[edit]Artist nameBella Morte
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The ice runs on for miles with solitude so close
We end another day and stars light up the skies
So lay your hand in mine your head upon my arm
The stars, they burn like eyes
The stars all burn for us
Come stand by me, laughter calls and drives the wind
It binds us close alone but for
The sparks of heaven's smile
Find more similar lyrics on you're here I will carry on with you
To walk the world, through heavens gate
We'll shine and light the sky
We have come so far, yet there is far to go
Still the stars burn bright; still our eyes burn true
And as the worlds we walk alone
And as the stars, we will never fade
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Lyrics to Still
by Bella Morte

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