Lyrics to Folsom Prison Blues No. 1-1/2
by Ben Colder

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[edit]Song titleFolsom Prison Blues No. 1-1/2
[edit]Artist nameBen Colder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lyrics with no parentheses indicate Colder is singing solo.
Lyrics in single parentheses indicate Colder is speaking.

Sung in a drunken fashion.

Verse 1:
I hear the train a comin',
It's comin' down the track.
It's comin' to Folsom Prison,
To bring me a six pack.
It's nice in Folsom Prison,
The warden's a swell guy.
But when I hear that lonesome whistle,
I feel like I could die.
Shouting, cheering.

Verse 2:
When I was just a baby,
My mama put me down.
Said, "You are just a baby,
"Don't take your guns to town."{1}
I shot a DJ up in Reno,{2}
He wouldn't play my damn song.
Now the DJ's 'round the country,
They play me loud and long.
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Instrumental break.
Whoo! Get me out of here, Bo.

Verse 3:
I'll bet there's rich folks eatin',
In their fancy dinin' cars.
They're probably smokin' coffee,
And drinkin' black cigars.
(I knew I's gonna mess that up,)
I never get it right.
But when I hear that lonesome whistle,
I feel like I could cry.

Verse 4:
If they free me from this prison,
I'd make like Jesse James.
If y'all won't tell the warden,
I'll steal this god-durn train.
Break through the walls of Folsom,
And make that whistle cry.
If y'all wouldd be nice fellas,
I'd take you for a ride.
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Ben Colder Folsom Prison Blues No. 1-1/2 Recording details & track overview

[FOLSOM PRISON BLUES NO. 1-1/2]{3} Written by: Johnny Cash, Gordon Jenkins & Sheb Wooley Performed by: Ben Colder{4a}{4b} First released:{5} Single: 1968 [Length: 2:15]{6} Album: 1963 [Length: 3:18] {1}"Don't Take Your Guns to Town," is the name of a Johnny Cash song that Colder parodied.{7} {2}The line about killing someone in Reno comes from Johnny Cash's original song, "Folsom Prison Blues."(See Note 4b.) {3}"Folsom Prison Blues No. 1-1/2" did not make it to any of the charts. {4a}Ben Colder was the alter ego of singer Sheb Wooley, which he used specifically for recording parodies of country hits. {4b}In 1957, in the studio, Johnny Cash recorded the song, "Folsom Prison Blues," and again, live, at Folsom Prison in 1968. Cash's version didn't make it big until the 1968 rendition was played on the radio. This song is a parody of the 1957 version.{8} {5}Released on:{*} SINGLE(s): (1)Ben Colder: A-side: "Harper Valley PTA (Later That Same Day)" B-side: "Folsom Prison Blues N.....MORE.....(all Folsom Prison Blues No. 1-1/2 track/recording details)

Ben Colder biography

Ben Colder was the alter ego of singer Sheb Wooley (of "The Purple People Eater"{1} fame), which he used specifically for recording parodies of country hits.

Due to various acting commitments, Wooley had been unable to record the song "Don't Go Near the Indians,"{2} which was instead cut by Rex Allen for a significant hit in 1962. Wooley recorded a drunken-sounding parody called "Don't Go Near the Eskimos"{3} and released it under the pseudonym Ben Colder (other choices for his alias reportedly included Ben Freezin and Klon Dyke). "Eskimos" was a Top 20 hit on the country charts, and Wooley decided to keep returning to his new comic persona on a regular basis.

Ben Colder had a few more chart singles throughout the '60s, including the parodies of, David Houston's "Almost Persuaded,"{4} as "Almost Persuaded No. 2,"{5} which went all the way to #6 in 1966, giving Colder the second-bigg.....MORE.....(full Ben Colder biography)

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Lyrics to Folsom Prison Blues No. 1-1/2
by Ben Colder

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