Lyrics to Suzie Blue
by Ben Harper

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[edit]Song titleSuzie Blue
[edit]Artist nameBen Harper
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Won't you sing me the blues
Won't you sing me the blues
Sing me something my heart can use
Misery loves a symphony

Does your face, your pretty face
Get lost in a crowd
And you say no one's there
To hear you cry out loud
What will you do, Suzie Blue

Where did you learn to do that so well
Where did you learn to do that so well
I guess that would be like kiss and tell
If it's a secret, why did you show me

Find more similar lyrics on you're far away from the love you used to hold
Don't sit and watch your self grow old
The day is new, Suzie Blue
The day is new, Suzie Blue

Real life has let you down
Real life has let you down
Someone stripped the shoes from your ground
Everybody (is) always somebody's something

Kissing from heaven in your arms
And we'll make love to the memories
They will always see us new, Suzie Blue
The day is new, Suzie Blue
The day is new, Suzie Blue
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Lyrics to Suzie Blue
by Ben Harper

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