Lyrics to Throwing Stones
by Ben Sollee

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[edit]Song titleThrowing Stones
[edit]Artist nameBen Sollee
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When I was young,
I had a bluebird on my shoulder.
It was a fact. It was actual.
And nobody told me otherwise.
But now that I'm older
I realize it was all just a lie.
But oh, how I loved the lie.
And I wasn't the only one.

I want my bluebird back.

Judging by what it took to start this war,
it shouldn't take much to end it.
But that just not the case.
We've invested too much, too many lives
that we just can't replace.
But despite what we think we have no scales
to weigh the crimes we all must face.

And we're all still throwing stones.
Yes, we're all still throwing stones.

Seventeen, just a boy, climbed
into the belly of a plane
He armed the bomb and took aim.
Did just as he was trained.
Forty seconds to the ground.
Find more similar lyrics on seconds to the sound.

You see we're, we're all
still throwing stones.
Yes, we're all still throwing stones.

Think about it.

Throwing stones.
Throwing stones.

I want my bluebird back.
I want my bluebird back.
I want my bluebird back.
I want my bluebird back.

If the mighty Mississippi
can reverse its flow,
I believe we can turn this around.
If the mighty Mississippi
can reverse its flow,
I believe we can turn this around.
If the sun will rise,
I believe we can turn this around.

If we just stop throwing stones.
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Lyrics to Throwing Stones
by Ben Sollee

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