Lyrics to Defining the Warm-Up
by Benton Falls

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[edit]Song titleDefining the Warm-Up
[edit]Artist nameBenton Falls
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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i'm scratching my eyes out trying to find you it's
tearing my heart apart just waiting here i'm
passing your house by with no answer it's tearing
me limb from limb to not have you here but i can
still smell you on my pillow case but just in case
you have forgot, well i have not you thought you
Find more similar lyrics on an impact but i'm packed and gone you'll wait
until i'm gone you'll follow him around the world
passing you passing me pass on well pass me by and
one time, i'll find the time to define this
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Lyrics to Defining the Warm-Up
by Benton Falls

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