Lyrics to G. 0. P.
by Beth Hart

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[edit]Song titleG. 0. P.
[edit]Artist nameBeth Hart
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Silver blue hair & a cane in her hand
living to die in the promised land
handing out flyers for the coming of Christ
she says raise from the fire for eternal life
or they'll
take your mind & they'll strip your faith
& they'll starve you with
nothin' that you already ate
& they'll compliment just to break you down
Spin you in circles runnin' round & round
Good Ole People live
Good Ole People
coke bottle glasses & a smile on his face
Find more similar lyrics on stands on the comer screamin' don't mix the race
commanding all the children to confess all their sins
then he beats his wife with a bottle of Gin
& they'll
whip your mind just to strip your faith
counterfeit people comin' to dominate
& they'll get you high just to greet you down
Spin you in circles movin' round & round
Good Ole People live
Good Ole People give
But Good Ole People can't drive
& maybe that's why Good Ole People die
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Lyrics to G. 0. P.
by Beth Hart

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