Lyrics to Forever Night
by Bethzaida

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[edit]Song titleForever Night
[edit]Artist nameBethzaida
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Sandberg/III November ´95
Lyrics: Hirsch November ´95
Pray for darkness, pray for the world below
Pray for winter, pray for forever snow
Pray for the sun never to rise
above the hills in the horizon
far away,
far away
Forever night
Ah... Forever night !
Find more similar lyrics on for sorrow, pray for melancholy
Pray for sadness, happiness will never be
And at night, we'll walk together, you and I
And pray for your soul not to perish
in the darkest of nights
Chant of the Witch:
"Spirits whispering in the darkness
Shadows dancing in the night
Fear the demons, ever present
Run in panic, scream in fright"
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Lyrics to Forever Night
by Bethzaida

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