Lyrics to My Mother's Eyes
by Bette Midler

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[edit]Song titleMy Mother's Eyes
[edit]Artist nameBette Midler
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Got my mother's eyes and my father's hair
Does anybody really care?
It's gettin' cold out here

Well, I keep walkin' with my head held high
With my head to the sky
With my mother's eyes

And my mother's eyes are with me
In the darkness that's been paid for
I'm just a nameless stranger, don't know why

Have I seen all that I could?
Have I seen more than I should?
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Have I seen all that I could?
Have I seen more than I should?
With my mother's eyes?

And my mother's eyes are with me
In the chilly winds of autumn
If I ain't here by winter, she'll know why

I've seen all that I dare
I've seen more than my share
Forgive me if I stare with my mother's eyes
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Lyrics to My Mother's Eyes
by Bette Midler

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