Lyrics to Right from the Start
by Better Off

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[edit]Song titleRight from the Start
[edit]Artist nameBetter Off
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can't believe what just went wrong
I wish that we still got along
We'd been down since way back when
I need you now, like I needed you then
But then you blew, your chance with me
You're too damn blind, you cannot see
It's over now, because of you
I wish it wasn't, but it is true

If I could do it again
I'd keep it the same
I'm sick of your lies
I'm sick of your games
You fucked with my head
You fucked with my heart
I should have seen it
Right from the start

I never believed you'd screw me over
But then you gave me the cold shoulder
I never thought it would end this way
Left alone in my dismay
I treated you right, I
did what you asked
You rewarded me, with a
kick in the ass
I tried being sweet and
all of that shit
Find more similar lyrics on i was ignored and I'm sick of it

If I could do it again
I'd keep it the same
I'm tired of you
And of playing this game
You fucked with my head
You fucked with my heart
I should have seen it
Right from the start

We coulda been cool
We coulda stayed fine
But you were the fool
You crossed the line
Our friendship is done
And your to blame
But you're the one
Who started the game

If I could do it again
I'd keep it the same
You no longer my friend
It's no longer a game
You fucked with my head
You fucked with my heart
Should have seen it
Right from the start
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Lyrics to Right from the Start
by Better Off

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