Lyrics to Infernal Necromancy
by Bewitched

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[edit]Song titleInfernal Necromancy
[edit]Artist nameBewitched
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Music and lyrics by Vargher)

Evil sorcerer in league with the dead
Magic in the night, forbidden spells are read
The fog lies thick around the cemetery maze
To unveil the future, the spirit he will raise

Dressed in the stench of death
Possessed by Demons breath
Far beyond the limits of time
Recite the ancient spell
Summon powers from Hell
Gaze beyond the limits of time
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Evil sorcerer, the grave is open wide
Spirits are invoked, the Devil is by his side
The ritual proceed and he give the spirits birth
Offspring of the Damned, Satan´s
children walk the earth

Dressed in the stench of death
Possessed by Demons breath
Far beyond the limits of time
Recite the ancient spell
Summon powers from Hell
Gaze beyond the limits of time
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Lyrics to Infernal Necromancy
by Bewitched

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