Lyrics to Have Your Way
by Beyonce Knowles

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[edit]Song titleHave Your Way
[edit]Artist nameBeyonce Knowles
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I changed my life for you and all that you could do
Is betray me, how could you play me
You got me doing things I know I shouldn't do
Am I crazy to live this way see

I know I'm wrong, I'm shamed everyday
We're not as one, but you think it's okay
My life is not meant to be lived this way, this way
You promised me one day we would be
Husband and wife but it seems to me
You're moving further away from me, from me

Lord I'm trying to do what's pleasing in your sight
But I'm in love, right now I'm caught up
Instead of leaving, I know that you'll be right by my side
And you'll make a way, just have your way

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I spent too much time playin wife on many nights
Keepin you happy, giving you all of me
I wake up every morning feeling guilty cause you're lying next to me
Father forgive me, thought by now we'd be married

Four months ago you promised me
By now I'd have my wedding ring
You've shown no committment to me, to me
I cannot blame you for using me
If I continue to let this be
Cause shacking with a man just ain't me, ain't me

Chorus (4x)
Lord I'm trying to do what's pleasing in your sight
But I'm in love, right now I'm caught up
Instead of leaving, I know that you'll be right by my side
And you'll make a way, just have your way
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Lyrics to Have Your Way
by Beyonce Knowles

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