Lyrics to Summertime (Remix)
by Beyoncé Knowles & Ghostface Killah

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[edit]Song titleSummertime (Remix)
[edit]Artist nameBeyoncé Knowles
[edit]FeaturingGhostface Killah
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ghostface Killah - talking
Yeah .. uh huh
What up girl, yeah
I hear all that
That's real nice and all that
It's been, it been good though
Cause it's been a year
It been real good
Cause it been so good
In the summertime all over again
Tell me somethin

Out of all the guys that approach me
Walking up to me like they know me
You were the one that stayed aside
Waited a while and took your time
You don't know how impressing
Your curiousity was to me
It was the fourth day of July
Looked in my eyes and saw that I

Break - Beyonce - w/ ad libs
I wanted more than just a man (man)
I needed a friend (I want a friend)
Someone I can talk to
Someone who'll really listen
When you touched my hand
The sun got brighter then
Trusting you I close my eyes
And felt our love begin

Chorus - Beyonce
It was the summertime (when we fell in love)
It was the summertime (when
heaven shined on us)
It was the summertime (baby
there is nothing like the)
Summertime, summertime

Now it's been a year and we're closer
Fall in love again when I hold ya
I know that God set you aside
For me and now, you are my prize
Wanna grow old with ya
Fill our house with your pictures
Have a son for you
A little girl for me
Together we'll raise a family

Break - w/ ad libs

Ghostface Killah - talking behind Break
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you talk about baby
That's my word, cause I feel the same way
You know what I mean?
I've been feelin this way for a long time too
And a .. it's like I wanna be a daddy
I wanna be your lover
Your everything, I just wanna
share life with you
Just like yo
That's why I tell you I love you

Ghostface Killah
I use to sit back and analyze
on how we first met
A year ago on the barbershop steps
You and your friends walked past me
I called you back like "come
here sexy have a word with you
yet, please?"
Congratulations on bein my gift
God wrapped you up tight and
he preserved my wish
I'm not a psychic it's just that
I'm in tune with such
I swear the vibes got heavy
when we got real close
My whole demeanor caused me
to ask questions and stare at
you strangely
Have I found my baby?
If so then tell me now
Look like you was 'bout to
say somethin, you just broke
a smile
Gave you the number and I said I'd dial (yeah)
A year later we on the block like "bow"
Tell me somethin, is it me
or we up to somethin?
Love to love ya, your my friend and my woman


Ghostface Killah - talking
This is Theodore, that's right
I keep hearin this all in my
head over and over
I can't get it out, it's crazy
You know what I'm sayin baby
This joint is real, I like that
Tell me somethin

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Lyrics to Summertime (Remix)
by Beyoncé Knowles & Ghostface Killah

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