Lyrics to The Sick
by Beyond the Flesh

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[edit]Song titleThe Sick
[edit]Artist nameBeyond the Flesh
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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from the album
"What The Mind
as soon as death sets in
the body rots
waiting for the maggots
to eat the skin off
the decomposing remains
now reek of decay
covered in insects
the body awaits the

ripping at your cunt
open wounds dripping pus

the sick have come
spreading disease
behold the rotting flesh
all gathered here to eat
innards exposed reeking
the white worms are feasting
covered in insects
the body awaits the

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ripping at your cunt
open wounds dripping pus

of the insects
worms of disease

swarm of the maggots
ripping out your cunt
demons of dying pray
the wound exposed dripping pus

all that's left of the body
is the stench and
all the bones
maggots devour
everything except
the human soul

no skin is left
no rotting flesh
the soul is free
post-mortem murderers
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Lyrics to The Sick
by Beyond the Flesh

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