Lyrics to Run Away
by Big Dismal

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[edit]Song titleRun Away
[edit]Artist nameBig Dismal
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wake up in the morning
Always rushing around
Trying not to be late again
'Cause there's no time to slow down

I'm sick and tired of the same thing everyday
Same old song the radio always plays
I think, I need some time away
But there's no place to go now

I want to run away
Leave it all behind
We only have one life to live
And it's your life so, go on

When the world gets the best of me
All I need is a little company
To put me back on my feet
I hit so hard when I fall down

Sometimes I feel like I just can't go on
There's nothing left to keep me hanging on
Find more similar lyrics on the end of everyday
All I want to do is run away

Leave it all behind
We only have one life to live
And it's your life, so go on

It's your life, so go on
It's your life, so be strong
It's your life run away

Leave it all behind
We only have one life to live
And it's your life, so go on
Run away

Make your dreams come true
We only have one life to live
And it's your life, so go on
It's your life, so be strong
Run away
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Lyrics to Run Away
by Big Dismal

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