Lyrics to Turn the Lights on
by Big Sugar

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[edit]Song titleTurn the Lights on
[edit]Artist nameBig Sugar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(G. Johnson/G. Lowe)

I have had my share of lies
And some lonely, lonely nights
Lord, they didn't feel to right
Wanna reach a higher high

The sun is sinkin' like a stone
And it hurts to be alone
An you're the finest
thing I've known
So won't you wake me up
when you get home

Turn the lights on baby
'fore you lie down baby
turn the lights on

And if I'm sleeping like a log
Find more similar lyrics on wake me up and I'll be a dog

Turn the lights on, babe
Before you lie down, baby
Turn the lights on
Turn the lights on, baby
Let it shine on, baby
Turn the lights on

Wake me up when you get home
Wake me up when you get home

Turn the lights on, babe
Before you lie down, baby
Turn the lights on
Turn the lights on, baby
Let it shine on, mama
Turn the lights on
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Lyrics to Turn the Lights on
by Big Sugar

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