Lyrics to Follow the Leader
by Bigwig

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[edit]Song titleFollow the Leader
[edit]Artist nameBigwig
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Suppressing all thought of incriminating acts.
Following the lessons that they teach.
A cult, a game. Where everyone is the same.
Maybe you should practice what you preach.
You please them, appease them.
All questions charged of treason.
They need you, they feed you.
They take and take and bleed you dry.
Schism, divide. Don't believe the lies.
You say that you'll feed all the children in need.
"Love thy neighbor, thou
shalt never kill".
Contradicting the plan by controlling the land
of animal and human blood you spill
You please them, appease them.
All questions charged of treason.
They need you, they feed you.
Find more similar lyrics on take and take and bleed you dry.
Schism, divide. Don't believe the lies.
Population, a makers match.
Destroy the infidels before they hatch.
Your sins, your sins.
They're gonna do you in.
We trust, we trust.
Thrie power over us.
You fight, you fight.
Which is wrong and which is right?
You kill, you lie.
Take and bleed you dry.
Schism, divide. Don't believe the lies.
Schism, divide. See it in your eyes.
Schism, divide. Don't believe the lies.
Liar, Liar.
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Lyrics to Follow the Leader
by Bigwig

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