Lyrics to Owned and Operated
by Bigwig

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[edit]Song titleOwned and Operated
[edit]Artist nameBigwig
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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One nation under God family
owned and operated
Resist! Protest!
These colors may not run
But they sure seem like they're faded
Resist! Protest!
Land of opportunity?
But not for you and me
Is this how it has to be?
Don't need no revolution
Don't need to retribution
We got a problem with an obvious solution
Disarm and put away your pride
Patriotic ego yet we struggle to survive so
Cease Fire, how many have to
die before we learn?
Now we're gonna burn
Never gonna learn
Never gonna fight your fucking war
You're settling the score
Predation of the poor
What are we fighting for
We won't fight your fucking war
Increase the budget for a slaughter overseas
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But cut the spending to control disease
Send help, distress!
The land of opportunity
Kids sleeping in the streets
Is this how it has to be?
Can this "land of liberty"
Win the "war on poverty?"
Don't want to see defeat if this is victory
Disarm and put away your pride
Patriotic ego yet we struggle to survive so
Cease Fire, how many have to
die before we learn?
Now we're gonna burn
Never gonna learn
Defend front lines and be
promoted to a slave
Eminent domain will take
our homes and graves
We vote in the past
Not voting anymore
Another four?! Another four?!
Of poverty and war
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Lyrics to Owned and Operated
by Bigwig

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