Lyrics to Sellout
by Bigwig

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[edit]Song titleSellout
[edit]Artist nameBigwig
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Have you ever paid 30 bucks For a ticket where the
seating sucks? You left the show with a furrowed
brow, Who's the sellout now? I don't want my MTV
It's just not the same to me. There's nothing
wrong with a video, I don't want to see no dumb
game show. So who's the sellout? But what is
selling out? Do you know what the band's about?
Putting food on the table, More power if you're
able, You could be dumb or you could be smart, My
definition of a rockstar. Is when the music's in
your wallet And no longer in your heart. Now who's
the sellout? Well if Sid Vicious was so punk, Then
I guess I'll start shooting junk, They were on a
Find more similar lyrics on label. Now the band has made some money,
You're the one that bought the CD, You told are
you friends they were cool, Seems to me that
you're the fool. So before you open your mouth,
And you say a band has sold out, Do you know what
they've been through, Know what they've gone
through To play in front of you? Now who's the
sellout? Now you're the sellout, So you're a
sellout. Please don't get me wrong, I can't sum it
up in one song. Open your mind before you open
your mouth, Because you might be the one selling
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Lyrics to Sellout
by Bigwig

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