Lyrics to Circle in Triangle
by Bill Anderson

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[edit]Song titleCircle in Triangle
[edit]Artist nameBill Anderson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's a circle in a triangle it's a
shining little band of gold
Mary Lou
You're the one who put it on her finger
Yeah but it's your hand I long to hold
That tiny circle it's the tie that binds me
Mary Lou
It's there to remind me you'll never be mine
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three hearts in a tangle that'll
never unwind
I love you (I love you) I want you (I want you)
I need you (and I need you) my whole life through
But there's a circle in a triangle
three hearts in a tangle hers
yours and mine
I love you (I love you)...
Three hearts in a tangle that'll never unwind
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Lyrics to Circle in Triangle
by Bill Anderson

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