Lyrics to Golden Guitar
by Bill Anderson

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[edit]Song titleGolden Guitar
[edit]Artist nameBill Anderson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I happened to walk into a honky tonk one night
down in New Orleans Up above the bar hung a big
guitar like none I'd ever seen The neck was set
with diamonds and though the strings were old Like
Kings of Sound they wound around six keys of solid
gold A man stepped up beside me his breath was
strong with wine He said you know that guitar once
belonged to a mighty close pal of mine He used to
play it right here I forget the year around '45 I
think Ha I could tell you quite a story friend if
you'd care to buy me a drink ac.guitar
Well I possessed by every weakness that takes a
man a fool I bought a round he drank it down and
then he rocked back on his stool He said yeah I
remember now it was '45 alright He just returned
from the Great War that's where he lost his sight
His buddies gave him that guitar at the time it
Find more similar lyrics on simple and plain He added the gold and the
diamonds as he played his way to fame He was doing
a show in Shreveport the night he received a call
To come appear on the Grand Ole Opry the greatest
show at all ac.guitar
I was driving him to Nashville it was cold and
misting rain The signals flashed and the whistle
screamed I swear Mister I never saw that train I
heard the doctor tell him just after he used his
knife You're lucky son it was just your arm it
could have been your life But he died that night
life just demanded more than he could give I think
he couldn've made it he just lost his will to live
But this world's loss is heaven's gain and tonight
he's still a star He plays with a band of angels
that's my son's golden guitar
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Lyrics to Golden Guitar
by Bill Anderson

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