Lyrics to It's Just Gonna Take Some Getting Used to
by Bill Anderson

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[edit]Song titleIt's Just Gonna Take Some Getting Used to
[edit]Artist nameBill Anderson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Anderson) « © '74 Stallion Music »

It's not that I can't get up in the morning and go
fry myself an egg It's not that I can't reach and
put a bandaid on the scratch on my leg It's not
that I can't iron a shirt and sweep up dirt and
feed the bird All the little things you used to do
but it's just gonna take some gettin' used to It's
not that I can't organize the checkbook and make
sure the bills're paid It's not that I might
sleeping in the house all by myself I'm not afraid
And I can water all the plants and made my pants
and spray for ants All the things I never had to
Find more similar lyrics on it's just gonna take some gettin' used to I'm
just gonna have to take my life and do a little
rearranging But I don't mean that something's bad
necessarily just cause it's changing I've heard it
said a man can adjust to anything except to have a
rock down in his shoe It's just gonna take some
gettin' used to I may be the only man on this
whole block who's the lady of the house But
someone's gotta stay and float a ship when the
captain's bailing out So you go on and have your
fun and worry none and listen hon I won't be here
grievin' over you it's just gonna take some
gettin' used to I'm just gonna have to take my
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Lyrics to It's Just Gonna Take Some Getting Used to
by Bill Anderson

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